5 Mistakes with Twitter Marketing to Avoid for Your Business


Twitter Marketing

With over 396 million users on Twitter, you might want to consider investing more time into your Twitter marketing strategy. Before you get started it is important to learn the top mistakes with Twitter marketing because the last thing you want to do is hinder your business in any way.

Keep reading to learn what to avoid doing on your business Twitter profile.

1. Retweeting Tweets Promoting Your Brand

Trust us when we tell you, that your followers are not interested in seeing you retweet about your own brand. Instead, pay attention to those that retweet about your brand and make sure to comment on those rather than retweet those.

2. Not Having A Strategy

Many businesses make the mistake of kicking off their Twitter marketing without having a plan or strategy in place. Think about your goals, and use those to track your analytics to ensure that you are meeting your goals.

A strategy is the best way to stay consistent in your Twitter marketing. Mattel is a great example of a brand that has a strategy in place and doesn’t disappear from the platform.

3. Too Much Automation

With so many things to get done some businesses decide to completely automate their Twitter posts. This is a mistake you want to completely avoid because it will minimize interaction with your audience.

When followers feel that they are engaging with a robot and not a human they might engage with your competitor instead because people want to deal with other humans, not bots. Take the time to leave genuine replies and engage with your followers vs automating your replies.

4. Typos Or Spelling Mistakes

Because you are a professional you want to avoid making typos as much as possible. It might occur here and there because at the end of the day you are human but take the time to read your Tweet out loud before posting or scheduling to find any spelling or even grammar mistakes before it goes out into the world.

5. Not Engaging

Social media is meant for people to be social, and this is why not socializing with your followers is a big mistake and a big no-no. Your fans and followers want to socialize with you and expect you to talk back and socialize with them.

Engaging and socializing will make them feel important and it will help build a strong relationship that will keep them as loyal fans. If your followers feel appreciated they would rather buy from you than from your competitor even if your prices are a little bit more.

Now You Can Avoid These Top Mistakes With Twitter Marketing

Now that you are familiar with the most common mistakes with Twitter marketing, you can avoid compromising your business account in the future.

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