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What is the use of the Add Members from Excel File to Telegram Bot?


You must know that one of the best ways to advertise in messengers such as Telegram is to send your ad (advertisement) directly to people’s private chat because each person cares about their private chat messages much more than the messages sent in the group. This method has its challenges, which we will examine together and provide solutions for.

To send a message, you need many contacts in Telegram. One of the ways by which you can find more contacts is to buy a number bank. Sending advertisements can be one of the best ways to increase your sales and the number of customers.

Sending messages in Telegram also involves doing preliminary work. To send advertisements in Telegram, you must first save their numbers in your contacts list in Telegram. As you know, saving a large number of numbers in Telegram contacts manually is a time-consuming and difficult task; If you have a number list that has 10,000 numbers and you want to add all these numbers to your Telegram contact list to send them an advertisement later, it is obvious that adding these numbers to the Telegram contact list is difficult and time-consuming, and there is no other way except using a tool that can do it automatically.

Introducing the Automatic Tool for Adding Contacts to Telegram

With a lot of research, we have been able to find tools for you to do this difficult and time-consuming task for you automatically. One of them is the Telegram add contacts Bot of the Virtual User website, and the other is a tool introduced by the datahelpsoftware site.

Introducing the Virtual User Add Contacts to Telegram Bot

You provide the Bot with a list of numbers in an excel file then, the Bot adds them to the contact list of your Telegram account. By using this Bot, you no longer need to add each number individually to your contact list.

Another advantage of using this Bot is that you are partly sure that you are sending your advertising messages to active numbers; Because this Bot only stores numbers that have a Telegram account; Therefore, by sending messages to these numbers in Telegram, you are sure that the time and money you have spent on this task has not been wasted.

How can I prepare the Add Members from Excel File to Telegram Bot?

The Add Members from Excel File to Telegram Bot is a part of the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot, and to prepare it, you must refer to the Virtual User’s website.

Introducing Import Contacts from Excel to Telegram software on the SysTools Website

To use this software, you must first convert your numbers to a vcf file with Microsoft Excel software, then convert it to a virtual card with the help of SysTools software. Then enter this virtual card into Gmail or your phone. After that, by updating Telegram, all the numbers will be added to your Telegram.

How to Prepare SysTools:

To get SysTools software, you must visit


In this article, we tried to talk to you about the challenges of sending advertisements in Telegram and its solutions, such as adding numbers to Excel and preparing a list of numbers. If you also face a challenge or know another solution, share it with us.

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