5 Great Business Website Examples to Inspire You

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Business Website Examples

Business Website Examples

As of January 2022, about 4.95 billion people use the internet worldwide. This number accounts for around 62.5% of the world’s entire population. In essence, the internet is now dominating the world!

Everything is now advancing in the online world with its ever-growing accessibility. It’s one good reason to consider small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Now is an opportunity to kick off a business website design and join the online community.

Moreover, the impact of Covid-19 did economies significant damage. African-American businesses especially suffered from about a 41% drop in business activities. This unfortunate circumstance calls the demand for SMEs’ online presence.

It is now more than ever that you should think about stepping into the online world! If you’re looking for a web design idea to inspire you to create the perfect website, then this guide is for you! Here are the top five business website examples to motivate you to get going.

1. Traackr

There are a lot of genuine influencers out there who endorse businesses and products. You use Traackr to verify influencers. It assists brands in using their commercial appeal to profit.

Traackr’s design is, without any doubt, an art. The interface captivates through its eye-catching colors and blocks of staggering photos. It even has scroll-triggered animations.

But this website is more than its appearance. There are case studies, testimonials, and other information showing their services’ tangible outcomes.

Like other websites, Traackr relies on its visuals and functionality. Below are website design elements you need to understand. With these, you will develop an appealing and functional website.


Content often drives Search Engine Optimization. It allows people to notice your website.

That said, it is crucial to assess the quality of your website’s content. It’s ideal for including videos, relevant information, and quality images.


The end-user will less likely notice how well the website performs. However, terrible usability will stand out immediately. Your website should be simple to use, navigate, and access.

The user should always know where they are on the website and find their way around with little effort. They should also go to whatever page they choose without going through the entire site.

Your website should predict visitors’ mindset and assist them as they browse.


Having a pretty website that works on all devices is essential. Your website should engage and amuse users and represent your brand well.

Your website’s aesthetic presentation not only helps to raise brand recognition but also creates customer loyalty.


Your website should captivate your visitors and guide them throughout the site. It’s crucial to urge these visitors to contact you.

Your website isn’t only for display. It’s also aimed to assist you in finding prospects improving sales to develop a business. Make sure it engages your visitors.

2. Soundstripe

Soundstripe provides high-quality tracks and sound effects at a reasonable price.

It can be challenging to find good music to license for a video project. There’s a lot of drab, monotonous tunes out there. You can explore their sonic options with three free royalty songs at the top of their homepage.

One of Soundstripe design’s best features is it’s well-organized nature. The music on the playlists ranges from contemporary orchestral to chill beats. With a quick scroll and a few clicks, you can find whatever jams or sounds you desire.

The web page’s interface is quite simple yet easy to navigate. This design looks like part of Hilton competition website design.

3. Confluera

One of the most engaging business website examples to look at is Confluence. It adopts a dominating tone when explaining how their anti-hacker solution works.

Privacy breaches are a serious concern. Thus, they made a straightforward approach that demonstrates the importance of cybersecurity.

The site has the feel of a video game’s instruction page. That makes sense because the website is promoting cyber. The interface features a swirl design and large headlines with a direct statement.

The straightforward tone works well with their anti-cybercrime software website design.

4. The People Vs Coffee

The People Vs Coffee, a pop-up coffee shop in Australia, uses a lot of art direction in its one-page interface. The main visual, which shows the inside of their coffee service, has a clean, tidy feel. You can say that they’re passionate about their service through their website design.

Some effects and animations help draw visitors’ attention to the primary visual. The fade-ins and the moving car pulling the coffee trailer are two touches that make the page look nice.

A block on the left features the social media accounts and other ways to contact the company. It is yet another aspect to appreciate. These design elements are often overlooked or found at the bottom part of a website.

People Vs Coffee’s goal is to create more customer relationships. The unique way they provided their contact gives users convenience to do so.

5. Patty and Bun

As the website loads, an animation of a burger with human limbs appears on an entire red page. Patty and Bun’s website begins with fast video cuts with a grainy, film-like effect. The onslaught pictures sure are captivating.

The homepage’s interface shows three sections that navigate to different pop-ups. Their website design is unique like no other.

Patty and Bun maintain their commitment to peculiarity throughout their site. You’ll wonder about the ketchup cannon and other surprising sights as a visitor.

The bizarre ingenuity motivates us to examine the page further. That way, we wouldn’t miss anything interesting.

Get Inspired by These Business Website Examples

Yes, the quality of services your business offers is the most important. But, the user experience on your business’ website plays a vital role. It projects an impression on the kind of business you have and its people.

Given this, a business owner must know how to design a business website. These are the top five business website examples to inspire you. Start your own website by getting inspiration from these examples.

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