Should You Use Your Savings or Avail a Personal Loan for an Emergency?


Personal Loan

During a crisis, it is difficult to manage your finances; it demands a lot of hard effort, patience, and discipline to do so. Whether the crisis is about lacking funds to purchase a new home, need to renovate an existing one, plan a wedding, travel, pay for higher education overseas, or deal with a medical emergency. While you may prepare for some of these expenses, others are out of your control and may arise at any time, such as dealing with a medical emergency. 

Those who have sufficient funds, which can be checked via PNB balance check number mini statement, can use them to meet these financial issues, but not everyone is always that well-prepared. Additionally, it’s not a good idea to spend all of your money because you’ll have nothing or very little left over for future financial difficulties. You will also miss out on possible earnings if you take your money out of mutual funds or fixed deposits too soon.

There are several options when it comes to paying for an expensive purchase or an unexpected medical expense. Should you avail PNB personal loanor use your savings? Do you want to borrow or save? Many people think that in order to avoid debt, it is preferable to save money and make purchases first. Expert opinion conflicts with what they believe there can be a saving-versus-personal loan question. 

Pros and Cons of Using your savings to Fund your expenses need

Many of us think that using our savings as reflected in the PNB balance check number mini statement to deal with the problem at hand is preferable to taking out a loan because you are free from having to pay monthly EMIs and the weight of the loan. The following are some benefits and drawbacks of spending your savings:


Interest-Free Purchase: Let’s say you want to purchase an expensive item like an iPhone and decide to apply for a PNB personal loan to do so. In such a case, you would need to pay the personal loan’s interest. So, in total, you contribute to your purchase the Amount X + interest. If you choose to purchase it out of your savings as mentioned in the PNB balance check number mini statement, you will only be required to pay the item’s real cost rather than any interest.

Additional Stress: Although spending from your funds given in the PNB balance check number mini statement initially seems difficult, it relieves you of the ongoing stress of loan repayment over the loan term. There is also a spending cap that you set for yourself because you are aware of your savings and your spending capacity.

Better Financial Wisdom: When you are aware that you are financing the current purchase with a loan that you must repay in the future, it is simple to fall into a debt trap. If you’re not very adept at keeping financial discipline, this can result in reckless and unnecessary spending habits. However, by keeping spending within your means and staying within your budget, saving actually helps people develop good financial discipline.


Savings limit affordability: One of the major drawbacks of saving is that you can only afford to spend the money you have saved. People also advise you to have a backup and avoid using up all of your savings at once. Additionally, that restricts your wants and affordability to the amount of your savings, which isn’t always possible.

Savings Dissolve Slowly: Most people invest their money in shares, mutual funds, real estate, gold, bonds, and other assets rather than keeping it in a bank account. Since it takes time to turn these savings into cash, doing so is a lengthy process that isn’t really an option when you need money right now.

Interrupts Future Plans: It can be a little intimidating to part with savings for another cause if you have been saving for a house, renovation, or the purchase of an expensive device or appliance. Additionally, it interferes with your future goals because you’ll have to restart your savings for the same goal. Applying for a loan in such circumstances is a smart move.

Pros and cons of Getting a Personal Loan

Despite the widespread misconception, that debt is a burden, loans can really help you leverage big rewards if they are handled wisely. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of borrowing money:

Not many people are aware that getting a PNB personal loan might lower your tax liability. For professionals with high taxable income who are looking for ways to reduce their taxable income, taking out a personal loan or a home loan is preferable to saving.

Develops Financial Discipline: Choosing to take on debt involves a level of financial discipline that forces the borrower to appreciate the worth of each rupee spent up until the loan is repaid. On the plus side, getting a loan teaches you how to manage your finances.

No end-use restrictions: Unlike an auto loan, a PNB personal loan has no restrictions on how the money will be used. Having the freedom to use the loan amount any way results in greater flexibility in spending.


EMI Burden: The obligation to pay EMIs over the loan repayment tenure, which can extend from a few months to years, is a requirement of borrowing money. This means that the financial effects of a single large purchase are seen over the next months or until the debt is repaid. For some people, allocating a sizable portion of their income to EMIs may seem like a burden. However, in hindsight, it is preferable to pay the EMIs gradually rather than all at once.

Additional Costs: Prepayment fees, loan processing fees, and late fees are a few extra costs that some banks and NBFCs charge for PNB personal loan. Such expenses merely serve to raise the borrowers’ overall loan costs. You can avoid the late payment fee, though, if you always pay your loan EMIs on schedule.

The Final Verdict

In order to draw a conclusion on loans vs. savings, it should be noted that each option has advantages and disadvantages. Your financial situation has a big impact on how you weigh these possibilities. Spending all of your savings or taking out a loan without a financial plan isn’t really a smart move. If your case requires immediate funding, you must use the loan facility. 

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