Easy Ways to Teach Kids Arabic


If you want your child to learn Arabic, start as early as possible. Babies develop their senses for sound long before they’re born, so you can begin anytime. Sing to your unborn baby, listen to and watch Arabic music and movies, and find other ways to integrate Arabic into daily experiences. You can also take advantage of online and offline schools that teach Arabic for kids. Here are two easy ways to teach kids Arabic:

1. Enroll Them in an Online Arabic Course

The best way to teach your child Arabic involves working with experienced teachers. You can find online Arabic courses for kids between kindergarten and fifth grade. The courses are based on short stories and songs and cover the Arabic alphabet. Kids need situations that relate to their age. Trained teachers know how to use stories and puzzles around numbers, colors, food, jobs, animals, and outings. Here are some popular courses for kids:

  • Toutou: The course is designed for children without any experience with the Arabic script and sound system. New letters are introduced sequentially, and children can learn words and basic sequence structures.
  • Sameh: Children who’ve learned the Arabic alphabet can proceed to Sameh, which involves learning how to read and write words. The goal of Sameh is to enrich the child’s vocabulary of the world around them.
  • Guesswork: Children can learn faster through guesswork. Popular Arabic courses for kids feature guessing exercises for fruits and vegetables, animals, jobs, and more. The goal is to help children master basic Arabic vocabulary.
  • Stories: Many language courses for kids feature stories. Children can learn Arabic through stories about animals, fruits, vegetables, and household items. Arabic courses for kids rely heavily on storybooks and other media.

Enrolling your child in an online course has many benefits. Your child can learn anywhere, anytime. Leading online courses feature downloadable resources, including recorded videos, live sessions, and downloadable material. You can take advantage of online lessons to expose your child to Arabic material early. Experienced educators also have the latest tools, skills, and insights required to help children learn how to speak and write in Arabic.

2. Consider Offline Courses

Online language courses have many benefits because your child can learn from home anytime. Offline Arabic schools also offer formal training to help your child learn faster. If you’re planning a trip to Egypt or other Arabic-speaking nations, consider enrolling your child in local learning programs. Offline Arabic schools feature courses for kids. Your child will be immersed in a community that predominantly speaks Arabic.

Leading online Arabic schools also have offline institutions. The local schools accept admissions from children living in the area and provide online courses for learners outside the country. You should enroll your child in reputable Arabic schools licensed to offer classes for kids. Offline lessons allow your child to interact with other kids and participate in songs, stories, and folktales. Like online schools, the courses cover speaking and writing in Arabic.

How To Find Arabic for Kids

Finding schools offering Arabic for kids is easy. Review the courses to determine whether they suit your child. You should also compare local Arabic schools to find the best learning opportunities. Choose top-rated Arabic schools, preferably long-serving institutions that offer credible, state-approved courses.

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