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Great No-1 DIY Home Exterior Design

DIY Home Exterior Design

DIY Home Exterior Design

Curb appeal doesn’t only make your home look more expensive. A well-designed exterior adds value to your property and bumps up the price if you decide to sell it.

Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you’re more likely to enjoy coming home when welcomed with a beautiful exterior every day. And upgrading the exterior doesn’t require a team of professionals. You can DIY your way to a better house front design.

DIY Home Exterior Design

Learn the basics of DIY home exterior design in this guide.

Repaint Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re ready to commit to a big change in your home’s exterior, consider repainting it. A fresh coat of paint will immediately make your exterior look fresh. And if you’re open to a color different from your current paint job, you have a chance to experiment with new and modern trends.

If your property is old or damaged, you may need to make some repairs before painting. This can include replacing boards, updating siding, and sealing any cracks. You should also check caulking around the windows and doors for any gaps. Reseal openings before you begin painting.

DIY Home Exterior Design

These updates alone can transform a home. And if you’re looking to invest in distressed homes like URB Chicago properties, refinishing and repainting the exterior may be all you need to do before welcoming new tenants in your home.

Add Accents and Trim

Aside from repainting the entirety of your home’s exterior, you can also add accents and trim to add pops of color.

There are countless ways to add accents and trim to set your home apart. For example, you could add a border to your windows in a contrasting color, or you can add an accent color around the garage or front door.

If your home is washed out in one solid color, give it a boost with DIY accents and trim. DIY Home Exterior Design

Spruce Up the Front Door

The front door is the entrance to that home-sweet-home feeling, so why not highlight it with some DIY fun?

Paint your front door in a vibrant and eye-catching color to make it the focal point of your exterior. You can even cover it in wood panels and other finishes to add texture.

And don’t forget the lock and doorknob. Swapping out doorknobs and locks is a simple DIY project that can make a huge impact. And if you’re the type that tends to forget your key, try adding a keyless lock.

DIY Your Landscaping

You don’t have to hire professional landscapers to get a beautiful lawn. You can design your own landscape in a few simple steps.

First, focus on the health of your lawn. Cut the grass if it’s overgrown, and make sure it’s well watered and fertilized. If you have trees, trim and shape them if needed.

Replace any old mulch or rocks. If your mulch or rocks tend to migrate around your yard, add a perimeter like plastic edging to keep them in place.

Then, add some lively plants that fit the climate you live in. Green plants are always a safe choice, but you can also mix-and-match colorful flowers for an eclectic design.

DIY Home Exterior Design

Add any other special touches you like, such as a stone walkway or a small pond. But above all else, keep in mind that the more you add to your landscape, the more you’ll have to maintain later.

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Upgrade Your Porch

If you have a dull, boring concrete porch, upgrade it with a completely new finish. You can cover or replace concrete with materials like brick, tile, and wood for a one-of-a-kind look. Or for a simpler alternative, you can also paint or stain concrete for a slightly elevated touch.

There’s plenty of DIY porch inspiration online, depending on what type of porch you have and which style you prefer. Research your options to find the one that suits your style and DIY capabilities.DIY Home Exterior Design

Replace the Roof

When you design a home exterior, you can’t forget about the roof. The roof is an essential part of the home that can quickly age it if damaged or discolored.

Just like other parts of your home’s exterior, you can DIY roofing, but it’s important to take safety precautions such as:

DIY Home Exterior Design

  • working with a partner, not alone
  • wearing the right attire such as grippy boots and gloves
  • securing your ladder
  • using safety ropes
  • avoiding work during wet and slippery conditions

Changing roof tiles and shingles can instantly update the look of your exterior. Concrete is a practical choice, while options like clay and aluminum make a bigger statement.

You can even add solar panel tiles that blend in with the rest of your roof for your own eco-friendly energy source.

Change Up Outdoor Lighting

No matter which house exterior ideas you choose, they won’t be complete without proper lighting.

Lighting plays both a functional and aesthetic role in your home’s exterior design. And thankfully, it’s easy to DIY new lighting by yourself.

For security, add bright or motion-sensor lights that illuminate any unusual activity. For contemporary mood lighting, try integrating lights in landscaping, above windows, and around your garage door.

And don’t forget to light up your porch. Play around with pendants, integrated ceiling lights, or lamp posts.

DIY Home Exterior Design Projects to Try

If you want to love the outside of your home just as much as the inside, try these DIY updates. From a fresh coat of paint to new mood lighting, these DIY home exterior design ideas will surely give your curb appeal a boost.

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