Using B2B Platforms to Find Made in Brazil Surgical Masks

Man and woman, senior man lying in hospital bed because of coronavirus infection, female doctor applying face mask to a patient.


The tremendous growth of b2b websites across the globe has proven that these websites are exceptionally significant in catering to international trading businesses. With billions of dollars’ worth of trading being done through b2b websites, it is safe to assume that these websites will grow far more than where they stand in these current times. 

Man and woman, senior man lying in hospital bed because of coronavirus infection, female doctor applying face mask to a patient.

AS far as trying to find a particular product by using b2b websites is concerned, then you need to understand that you can find absolutely, anything if you look on a b2b website. However, you cannot buy everything, even if it is your desired product without making sure that it is the right decision.

When you are in a trading business, then buying or selling is the only source of revenue for your business and making the right buying or selling decision is the only way for you to make a profit. Therefore, you simply cannot buy every product you set your eyes on. There are certain steps, which you should take in order to make sure that you are taking the right decision. 

Now, looking at the title, you must understand that this blog is specifically about how you can use a b2b website to find a made in Brazil surgical mask. Here are the steps, which you need to take in order to secure the purchase of your desired products.

Start with Registration on a B2B Website   

The first step, in this particular process, is to register yourself on a b2b website. Now, there are many b2b websites out there. First, you need to decide, which one you should choose. Now, it completely depends on your choice however, using Eworldtrade can be quite beneficial for your new business startups because of their amazing free leads feature.

Furthermore, you need to understand that b2b websites, no matter, which one you are choosing to use can help you get access to millions of buyers and sellers across the globe. Even though most b2b websites usually have a registration fee, which may fall between the range of $300 and $3000, these websites, is the perfect way for international traders to reach their customers effectively. 

Search for Buyers & Suppliers

Now, this is where you need to understand a little about working on a b2b platform. See, you are interested in trading surgical masks. Now, you do not just want surgical masks from any seller, who belongs to any part of the world but in fact, you specifically want to buy these surgical masks from Brazilian manufacturers or sellers or even suppliers. Now, first order of business would be to use a filter, which will only show you surgical mask sellers in Brazil. 

You may find thousands of sellers of surgical masks in Brazil however, it is highly recommended that you try and make a list of manufacturers instead of sellers or suppliers. See, the reason to look specifically for manufacturers is that when you are buying directly from the source then you usually, end up paying an extremely lower price for the goods. This means that you can sell these products at a higher price and the profit margin for you will also be much higher than if you sourced your products from either a seller or a supplier. 

In case of searching for buyers, you can simply start looking for surgical mask buyers from anywhere else in the world. Your main concern here should be to get in touch and finalize deals with buyers as soon as possible and that too in the highest possible prices so that you can make a hefty profit.


In the screening phase, you need to simply, screen the list of buyers and sellers, which you have put together. Now, the screening of the buyers list should be done on the basis of your capacity of meeting the buyer’s demand. Along with that, you also need to make sure that the price you are giving to your buyers is high enough for you to make a hefty profit and low enough to make sure that your quoted prices are attracting buyers easily. 

Now, when it comes to screening the list of suppliers or sellers, which you have put together, then you must understand that there are certain things, which you need to take care of, when shortlisting them. See, the seller or supplier will always try to sell you the products in the most profitable prices, like you want to when you are trying to sell your products.

Now, it is up to you to find the seller or supplier, who is offering you the lowest prices. This is also one of the most significant reasons, why you should try to eliminate all the intermediaries, as much as possible. With you going to source your products directly from the manufacturers, you will be able to get the lowest possible prices, which will help you in keeping the highest profit margin. 

Make the Final Decision

This is the final step in which you will decide to who to choose. Both, choosing the buyer and supplier is something you need to in this step. Now, as far as the supplier is concerned, you should go with the one, who offers you the best quality product in the lowest price. For selecting the buyer, you definitely should go with the buyer who is offering you the highest price.  

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