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Studio Album UUUU Stock

UUUU Stock

UUUU Stock

UUUU Stock – the thirstily anticipated new long-player from Danish band WhoMadeWho – is out currently via Embassy One.

A superbly crafted record exploring myriad sonic palettes across a dexterously thought of providing of stirring vocal electronica cuts, UUUU Stock is the band’s seventh full-length studio album since forming back in 2003 and marks another career-defining moment for 3 artists whose collective ability and art are aware of no constraint.

A truly charming and emotional body of labor spanning an interesting scope of texture, musical notation, and sound property, the long-player options a complete of 13 majestic vocal-led compositions, as well as the critically acclaimed album singles Mermaids, Summer, Silence & Secrets, and UUUU Stock with Rampa.

Accompanying these established favorites is an associate ethereal choice of name-new vocal offerings, as well as the autumn, Moon once Moon, Elsewhere foot. African tea Frankie), LIFE, Everyday with Rampa, ne’er Alone and 11-11 foot. AVA4K (amongst others), as WhoMadeWho, takes the beholder on a psychoactive voyage through sound to bring the U.S. one amongst the foremost thirstily anticipated records of 2022 to this point.

Steadfast in their quest to deliver extraordinary sensory experiences, WhoMadeWho still experiences the blurring of musical boundaries with this latest piece – reimagining their long-standing affinity for organic, instrument-led music inside an unambiguously electronic paradigm.

Undulating across its lxiii minute run-time, chugging down-tempo cuts sit handsomely aboard close moments of reflective melancholy and rousing high spirits as standard soundscapes and stripped-back instrumentation bolster the hypnotic spirit of WhoMadeWho’s musical hallmark to conjure a stimulating journey that keeps the beholder on their toes from the kickoff.

Speaking regarding the album, WhoMadeWho commented:

“UUUU means that a great deal to the U.S. The album points towards new adventures each within the studio and taking part in a live round the world. It’s terribly clean and nonetheless terribly teasing at an equivalent time. impressed by each ’90s and 00’s Electronica and 80’s Post-Disco, stylistically UUUU remains unbroken inside our own Whomadewho indie-club frame. we tend to work with the producer Rampa from Keinemusik on the album.

He pushed the U.S. every now and then after we were stuck, he modified multiple demos of ours that were heading for the trash and turned them into nice songs. He additionally worked brightly, finding the core–the essence of our in-depth levels of inventive inputs. Not a simple task, since we tend to ar usually everywhere the place. UUUU is loaded with new colors.

African tea Frankie joined the U.S. on many tracks, giving U.S. associates ennobling feminine counterparts. additionally, Frank Wiedeman, Jens Kuross, Davide Rossi, AVA4K, et al. helped the U.S. levitate. we’ve got tried to form the album a voyage and a psychedelic trip to the simplest of our talents. we tend to hope you wish it.”

In the years since their formation, Who Made Who established themselves united of the foremost vital underground bands of their generation.

The Danish cluster, consisting of Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barfod, and Jeppe Kjellberg, has an associated exceptional sense of emotional depth, heartrending melodies, sensible songwriting, speech act associated with expansive discography presently spanning a complete seven albums, and a superfluity of EPs, singles, and remixes discharged on labels like Kompakt, Innervisions, and Life & Death. On the road, they’re internationally notable for their expertise and outstanding live performances and became regular fixtures at a number of the world’s most notable musical festivals, as well as Roskilde, Sonar, Melt! and Burning Man to call simply many.

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