Is Moon Pod the Best Bean Bag Chair


Moon Pod

I had the chance to review the Moon Pod bag chair recently. sold for $299, it’s positively pricier than your average bag. Let’s see how it stacks up to its tag.

Moon Pod is branded as a lightweight, engineering science bag that users will sit, recline, or lie on. The multifunctionality of the Moon Pod may be an important upgrade from your average bean bag and one of the characteristic characteristics of this product. It well conforms to any position you’re sitting at thanks to its fine, high-density beads. 

Moon Pods are often used as an armchair for reposeful, a snug seat to try to do some laptop computer work, or maybe as an off your guard surface. Its skillfulness puts it a cut higher than most beanbags or recliners and principally justifies its value purpose.

Their website claims that the beads mimic the feeling of flotation medical aid, which may facilitate lower stress and anxiety levels. this is often one thing that’s laborious to live, however, the merchandise will seem to be it provides comfort, at the terribly least. once sitting on the bag, the beads extremely mix amorphously and provides that “floating” impact. whether or not or not the Moon Pod really relieves stress and anxiety relies on the user, however, it will positively relax one’s body and relieve some tension, particularly within the higher neck and backspace.

Moon Pod

After attempting it out for a jiffy, it looks like the most quality distinction between Moon Pod and a regular bean bag lies principally in their beads. If you’re thinking that of your regular bean bag, the beads are often felt through the material, giving it that sandy, jolting texture.

That’s not the case with Moon Pod, whose beads close to make a cloud-like feeling. The fineness and high volume of the beads create the bag simply plastic to any body form or position. you’ll barely feel them. it’s particularly nice that you simply will lie flat on, which several alternative bean baggage can’t do.

With all things thought of, I might say the moldability of is its point. There aren’t several chairs or bean baggage on the market that are as intuitive because of the minimum of from what I’ve seen. It will well accommodate most sitting positions and body sorts, which may be huge and adds tons useful to the merchandise. The beads give some sensible support to one’s back and i imagine would be a decent product for those with posture issues.

On the aesthetic facet, Moon Pod includes a sleek, clean style that will simply mix into any space or space. It comes in a minimalistic “Space Gray” shade which may match well with most interiors. Some customers are apprehensive concerning beanbags as wanting infantile or out of place in additional fashionable interiors, however, the Moon Pod doesn’t create that issue.

Feature Of Moon Pod

Another convenient feature of the Moon Pod bag is its compactness and lightweight weight. advisement at solely twelve pounds, its storability, and moveability create it convenient for any variety of house.

It might simply be a fast sitting addition to a front room or recreation room reception or a standard space during a lot of relaxed workplace houses. If you wish to store it, it’s quite straightforward. The bean bag is four feet long and since it’s amorphous, it often holds on to a corner, beneath tables, or just about anyplace.

Another feature to notice concerning the product: The Moon Pod includes a removable outer shell that’s mechanically cleanable, which was a pleasant bonus after I discovered it. Having a shell created it abundant easier to scrub compared to ancient chairs and beanbags. It’s easy to style thought that creates the user expertise a touch bit a lot of conveniences.

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