Is Europe better than the US?


confused between is Europe better than the US or is the US better than Europe

Confused about whether to book direct flights to Poland from USA or from anyplace else or travel to the US? Or looking for the answer of Is Europe better than the US? Well, then you have landed at the right spot as here we will discuss which country is better, the US or Europe.

Europe better than the US

There are many differences that exist between Europe and the US and as a traveler, you must be aware of them. But also, there are differences between the European countries themselves along with differences between different locations of the US as well.Europe better than the US

Let’s know that is Europe better than the US

Europe enjoys a more relaxed working environment Europe better than the US

While the Americans are generally overworked there are very few European countries where people work a maximum of 40 hours a week. Most Americans consider Europeans as lazy which isn’t true at all.Europe better than the US

The European countries or most of them have better labor laws than that of the US. And thus they enjoy a more worker-friendly environment than that of Americans. Also, even after working for the larger part of a week, Americans are still unable to mend the shape of their economy. The lesser wages and fewer benefits aren’t helping America in coping with its economy from the suffering of the Great Depression.

Europe better than the US

Europeans are more fun people to be around

While Americans spend most of their holidays working, Europeans use their vacations to travel the world. Enjoying a minimum of 4 weeks of holidays every year, Europeans enjoy their vacations and use them for leisure purposes. Moreover, they can do that without being looked down on by their employer for living their life and not working extra on their holidays.

Most of the Europeans take most of their vacations at one time while doing that is a big challenge in the United States. Getting a long-term holiday and book a flight to London from USA or to any place else is still a dream for many American employees. Taking 2 to 3 consecutive holidays without getting a stare from your boss and him thinking of you as unprofessional is a task for Americans.Europe better than the US

Americans are dedicated to their work and no matter if it’s Christmas or New Year, what they can think of or discuss is work. And thus they hardly get any free time to enjoy other pleasures of life such as traveling. Moreover, the little time Americans have when they are not working is when they are stuck to their television screens. While the European use it for travel, relaxation, shopping, and many other purposes.

Europeans enjoy longer and more social lunch breaks

Europeans leave their desk for an hour or more and go to the cafeteria or a café or restaurant to enjoy their lunch. While the Americans usually end up eating by themselves on their desks because of shorter lunch breaks. Because in the US, going to someplace else to have your lunch and return in an hour can easily make you look like a very unprofessional person.

Europe better than the US

But Americans need to understand that eating food in front of monitors has never helped anyone relax and have a proper meal. And nor it helps to boost their productivity or enhance their work quality in any way possible.

While the American lunches are made up of just a sandwich or a few pieces of cake, the European lunches include a full 2-course meal. Making the American lunch enables to provide the necessary carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins essential to maintain good health.

European are dedicated to fun and adventures

Working for late hours and even on holidays leaves you with one option only, coming home and eating whatever can be cooked within minutes. And the only source to take your mind off the work is your television or a Netflix account. And thus, the popular discussions over the workplace include news related to pop culture and characters of popular reality shows.

While the Europeans are the complete opposite to it as they have got enough time for themselves because of the strict labor laws. Europeans use their holidays to explore their other interests, such as paintings, poems, and books. And thus, you can found Europeans to be discussing famous art pieces, poems, novels, and places.

Europeans spend less time in the traffic

Europe owns one of the most well connected public transportation networks in the world and thus European don’t have to spend much time in traffic. Compared to the US, the European transportation system is not only better but also is a fast and more efficient one.

The US traffic is the main reason why most of the workers reach their offices angry and frustrated. But stress isn’t the only offspring of spending hours stuck in traffic. Americans wake up earlier to reach the office on time and avoid the traffic, depriving their sleep quality and depreciating their health. Also, standing in a car stuck in traffic for hours is costlier and most of the American end up having breakfast in their cars.

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