Is Applecare Worth It? What You (Really) Need to Know

Is Applecare Worth It

Is Applecare Worth It

Are you considering getting an Apple product? If so one of the most important things you need to consider is how you are going to protect such an expensive product if it breaks down.

When you buy an Apple product, you will most likely see an offer to purchase Applecare or Applecare+ along with it. The company’s internal warranty can cost more than a quarter of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. As you’ll see this is one of many AppleCare pros and cons that you need to consider.

The company’s internal warranty applies to all new company devices, including those sold through third-party resellers, such as the new MacBook Airs with M1 chips.

Is Applecare worth it? Will you get the service you need if there’s an emergency? Here’s everything you need to know.

Coverage If You Don’t Purchase Applecare

Even if you choose not to purchase Applecare+, you are still protected by the consumer law in your country. Remember this varies from country to country.

If you purchase your device abroad whilst on a trip then your device will be covered by the laws in that country, not your home country.

Then there is Apple’s limited warranty which gives you free protection for one year as standard. When you buy a new Apple device, you can purchase additional protection through Applecare+.

Almost all Apple products come with free out-of-the-box Applecare protection, whether you buy your device directly from Apple, a store, or a wireless carrier.

How Much Coverage?

When you purchase Applecare or Applecare+ for your device, you get two years of Apple authorized service and priority technical support via chat and phone.

All Applecare plans also entitle you to an extended period of phone support, and if that helps you fix your problem with your Apple product, you won’t have to pay anything.

Applecare+ extends the one-year limited warranty to 24 months from the date of purchase and includes an express replacement service, which means Apple will send you a new iPhone before sending it in for repair. To protect yourself from even accidental damage and extend your one-year limited warranty and longer free technical support, you can purchase Applecare+.


To protect you in the event of accidental damage and other accidents, Apple offers Applecare+ in addition to a free limited warranty. While the basic Applecare+ plan doesn’t cover a lost or stolen iPhone, Apple offers Applecare+ Theft and loss for iPhone, which provides significantly better protection.

Applecare for Apple TV extends Apple TV coverage to three years from the date you purchase your Apple TV, not just one year. Two- or three-year plans range from $79 to $499 (depending on what you buy), and you can opt for Applecare+, Apple’s easiest device protection plan.

The Applecare protection plan extends the original one-year warranty to two years, plus Apple’s 24/7 support for just $29. On average, AppleCare offers 90 days of free product support (by phone, online chat, or the Apple store) and a one-year warranty.

Applecare For Apple Watch

Because the Apple watch is so expensive, the special edition watches (edition, Hermes, and ceramic) are already backed by a two-year warranty, which Applecare+ extends to the third year. Each Apple device has a specific AppleCare warranty and phone/chat support. Applecare’s free warranty is usually a one-year warranty and 90 days of phone support.

Most Apple products (depending on your region) come with a one-year defect warranty anyway.

While most Apple watches come with a free one-year warranty that includes three months of repair and software support, Applecare+ for Apple watch as well as for the Nike version of Apple watch expand coverage to cover up to two accidental damages every 24 months.

How Long Do You Have to Purchase Applecare?

When you purchase an Apple product, you automatically receive a free one-year 90-day limited warranty. This includes free telephone technical support.

If you want to purchase an Applecare+ plan after 60 days, you can bring your device to an Apple store for a review within one year of purchase.

You usually have 60 days from the date of purchase to purchase Applecare+ (only 30 days if you’re in Japan). Apple has a page where you can check the exact suitability of your devices. Applecare benefits and Applecare+ cost extra but provide a unique customer experience beyond the usual 90 days that Apple provides for each device. If you’re wondering “Should I get Applecare?” then this is one of the main reasons.

Applecare+ prices vary depending on the generation of iPhone you’re bought. Typically this ranges from $130 to $200- $1000. The downside is that Applecare can be expensive for some Apple products.

One example is the latest iPhone 13 series. You need to select Applecare within two months of purchasing the device, and sometimes a third-party repair is cheaper than buying it with Applecare.

Is Applecare Worth It? Depends On You

If you’ve recently bought or looked at a new Apple product, you’ve probably come across Applecare. This is the service plan that Apple offers when you buy a new iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.

The price of Applecare+ depends on the specific Apple device you own. If you want coverage for over a year, in the event of an accident, you will need to purchase additional Applecare coverage.

Everybody is different. Is Applecare worth it? This will depend on you whether you think this is necessary and how expensive your device is. For more, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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