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How to Find the Top Tab Dividers for Your Workplace: A Guide

Top Tab Dividers

Top Tab Dividers

Imagine that you have an important client meeting. You show up unable to find the documents you need, with binder tabs sticking out all over the place.

And the meeting is a disaster.

Whether you’re organizing your home office or preparing client work, you’ll need top tab dividers of the right style and size. These will help you differentiate between projects and organize large documents.

But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll end up with dividers that don’t fit.

So instead of opening packages of tabs that you can’t return, why not start organizing all those loose papers the right way? Here’s our guide to picking the right tab dividers for your workspace!

Choose Sheet Size

The size of your tab divider should be the same as the paper you want to use for it.

The most common sheet size is 8 1/2″ by 11″, just like a typical sheet of paper.

Keep in mind that the binder you use should have enough of an allowance to fit the tabs. The tabs should not stick out from the binder cover. This will protect both your tabs and documents.

Understand Tab Extension and Cut

Tab extension refers to how much the binder divider tabs stick out from the sheet of paper.

So if your tabs have a 1/2″ extension and are printed on regular 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper, they’ll extend out to 9″.

Tab cut means how many tabs can fit on one piece of paper. Some tabs are big, so only 5 tabs can fit on the length of one sheet. With small and narrow number tabs, for example, you can fit as many as 10 on one sheet length.

If you have a lot of documents, consider getting a smaller tab cut. If you want clearer organization and easier flipping between documents, get a larger cut.

Decide on Style and Typeface

You can get file divider tabs that have the font written vertically or horizontally.

Make sure to pick a typeface that’s bold and easy to read. It should also coordinate with the other typefaces of your project. This is especially true if you’re handing the binders over to a client.

Keep in mind whether you need numbers, letters, or both on your tabs.

If you have a specific project or format you need, then consider custom tab dividers like the ones at TabShop.

Color or Black and White?

Law offices tend to use black-and-white index tab dividers as they look more professional.

But if you’re a construction or tax office, you might find colored tab dividers easier to organize.

Common tab colors include blue, canary yellow, manila, and salmon.

Get the Top Tab Dividers for Your Next Project

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the top tab dividers for your workplace.

By understanding tab size and style, you can make an informed decision that will help you stay organized and look professional.

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