Beautiful Towns To Visit In Colombia


Colombia is home to some truly adorable humble communities, yet large numbers of them have gotten more well known with vacationers as of late and are presently a lot more occupied than they used. Notwithstanding, there are still a lot of wonderful minimal Colombian settlements that are just about as tranquil as they at any point were.  From the sandy seashores of the Caribbean to the bright design and tropical Amazon rainforest, Colombia flaunts something for everybody.


   Its noteworthy frontier towns give simple admittance to excellent normal stops and snow-covered Andean pinnacles, while Bogotá and Medellin are covered with clamoring roads. From unassuming community appeal to nightlife in Medellin, here are the most delightful urban areas and the best places to visit in Colombia.


Maybe one of Colombia’s calmest and loosened up humble communities, Pijao is found only south of the Quindio office, similar to the more renowned Salento. Be that as it may, the contrast between the two urban areas is night and day: where Salento is touristy and brimming with inns and eateries, Pijao is laid-back and has held quite a bit of its conventional climate. 

La Playa De Belen

One of Colombia’s 17 Heritage Towns, La Playa de Belén is situated in the Norte de Santander office, a region that barely sees any travel industry, particularly contrasted with its adjoining area of Santander. La Playa is an unassuming community with cobbled roads, red-tiled rooftops, and whitewashed dividers, which make it the more well-known town of Barichara. This is one of the calmest and most lovely modest communities in Colombia.


The Boyacá region resembles an industrial facility for pretty humble communities, and Mongui is effectively one of the cutest. Even though it is likewise a legacy town, Mongui is inconceivably disregarded by vacationers, and during the week specifically, you will scarcely see some other guests. Strategically placed not very a long way from Bogota and home to a portion of the space’s best instances of pilgrim time engineering, Mongui feels like a city out of time and more or less serene. Did you know, the best beaches in Puerto Rico?


Situated in the south of the Quindio locale, not a long way from Pijao, Buenavista is an unassuming community roosted on a mountain edge, offering all-encompassing perspectives over Colombia’s far off the western Andes. Indeed, even its name signifies ‘extraordinary view’ in Spanish – what a mind-boggling view it truly is! The actual city is wonderful, unwinding, and incredibly tranquil, particularly during the week. It is likewise home to a standout amongst other little inns in Colombia, Panorama Cafe Hostel.


However one of Colombia’s dearest legacy towns, Salamina might be the most un-well known of the multitude of 17 urban communities on the rundown. Found a couple of hours’ drive north of the city of Manizales, Salamina feels like very little has changed there since the city was first fabricated almost 200 years prior. It’s a lovely humble community roosted on a mountain edge with delightful perspectives on the encompassing valleys, and the harmony and quietness make it worth visiting on the off chance that you wind up around there of ​​Colombia.

El Cocuy

This unassuming community is the passageway for visiting the lovely El Coque National Park, yet the city of El Coque has a lot to suggest it too. Favored with a genuinely real environment and the absolute most amiable, most inviting individuals in Colombia, the city is shockingly set in a mountain valley dabbed with the blanketed pinnacles of the adjoining public park.


Jericho is situated in the division of southern Antioquia, yet it sees far fewer travelers than the close by Jardin. Why it’s not satisfactory, because Jericho is as delightful a city as you can envision, with a court encompassed by brilliant structures, a huge church that pinnacles over the languid little town, and stunning over the close by Kaka River valley. Leaving scene. In case you’re searching for a tranquil, quiet escape from the buzzing about of Medellin, you can do more awful than Jericho.


Known as the littlest city in Colombia, Mompox is situated on an island on the Magdalena River, which up to this point had no extension interfacing it to the remainder of the country. The city’s notable quarter, situated by the waterway, truly satisfies that quiet standing (basically during the day; when Vallenato music plays around evening time, the languid energy is broken). The extreme warmth makes for an exceptionally sluggish modest community and it’s not difficult to spend scarcely a couple of days there.


Another dazzling little town in the Boyacá office, Iza is considerably more modest and more tranquil than the previously mentioned Mongui. The city is brimming with well-disposed local people and its whitewashed structures make it the most delightful city you can envision in Colombia. Even though it is not difficult to visit Iza, scarcely any travelers visit, so you will very likely get yourself the lone guest around.


A clamoring city that is viewed as the crown gem of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Cartagena is perhaps the most all-around saved pilgrim destination, in the Americas. History aficionados can investigate the antiquated fortresses or stroll through the old town to appreciate its beautiful design, which incorporates historical centers, exhibition halls, and galleries. There are furrows and houses of worship. Picture the bougainvillea-shrouded galleries and lavish Catholic holy places over the court, then, at that point visit Bocagrande to partake in the outside bistros and cafés serving neighborhood food.


Popayán is quite possibly the most compelling provincial urban community in Colombia. Situated in southwestern Colombia, it is now and then called the “Ciudad Blanca” (White City) because its structures are chalk-white. Set up in 1537, its gentle environment immediately pulled in affluent Spanish families who constructed houses, schools, holy places, and religious communities. The city is renowned for its Mauni Thursday parades just as its nightlife. The Iglesia de Ermita is the most established church in the city, worked in 1546, while the Iglesia de San Francisco professes to be the most excellent. Popayan’s serenity and appeal make it a decent spot to loosen up.


During the 1980s and 1990s, Medellin was viewed as quite possibly the most hazardous urban area on the planet, home to Colombia’s scandalous cocaine cartel. In any case, when medication master Pablo Escobar was dispensed within 1993, Medellin started to cover his pained past and made a huge rebound. Nowadays, a developing number of vacationers rush here to track down an enticing, stylish city with one of the nation’s best environments. Situated in the Andes in the limited Abura Valley, the city sports temperatures averaging 24 °C/72 °F consistently, making any time an incredible chance to visit. Medellin is additionally an exceptionally brilliant city in light of its lovely blossoms; The city commends its bloom celebration each August for 12 days.

San Andresseems Providencia

The San Andres and Providencia archipelagos are two island bunches that are found nearer to Nicaragua than Colombia in the Caribbean. San Andres is the biggest island and the capital. Fortune Island was at first settled by English Puritans who utilized and privatized slave work on their manors. The white sand seashores and palm trees are the best provisions of San Andres. The Caribbean is painted in seven shades of blue and has rich marine life, making it an incredible spot to snorkel and plunge. Facilities are not as sumptuous as on other Caribbean islands, and guests travel around the island in outdated transports.

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