8 Best Colors to Print on Your Retail Boxes Increase Sales



When it comes to retail packaging design, choosing the right color can make or break your product. The right boxes colors can help you sell more products, increase brand awareness. Thus, reinforce advertising efforts. It’s a simple concept that’s often overlooked, but you can potentially improve revenue with the right colors on your boxes. You can get figures by as much as 12%. Here are eight great choices for print box colors. Let us discuss how color can impact your product sales. Some business owners think that custom retail boxes will cost more than any other packaging means. However, it is not true you may think your initial cost increased, but there are more long-term benefits. Let us discuss some of the color selection techniques that raise sales and brand awareness. We will cover mentioned bullet points in this article.

  1. What colors are best for your print box?
  2. How does the color of your boxes influence sales?
  3. What is the key to choosing colors for your boxes and increasing sales?
  4. How can color affect brand recognition and advertising efforts?

What colors are best for your print box?

When picking a color box for your business, consider the colors you’ll be using for your logo and other marketing materials. For example, if you have many yellow in your logo, it might be best to pick a box that matches your stamp. You’ll also want to consider your brand’s personality. Consider choosing a vibrant color, particularly one with strong contrasts. You’ll want your boxes to stand out from their competitors, as well as your store. A flat, unpainted box doesn’t appeal to many shoppers. Get a little crazy with your choices, especially for your packaging’s accents and branding. Red (like Nike’s) is commonly used, but there are quite a few options.

You can find usefully vibrant background colors and bold fonts for your boxes, as well. Each product should have its unique color, making picking the right color for all your products much simpler. Pick colors that complement your products and stand out from your competitors. If you have a product that isn’t selling as well as another product you’re marketing, it’s best if your color choices reflect its weaknesses and don’t compete with it. This is such a basic concept, but it’s one that’s often overlooked. Baking a candy bars box in the color of the wrapper is a great way to increase satisfaction for your shopper and increase sales of your product.

How does the color of your boxes influence sales?

To understand how your packaging affects sales. First, of course, you should know that the color of a product box can greatly influence whether consumers decide to purchase that product. In fact, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review, 92% of consumers say that color is an important factor in how they choose products. But what are the ideal colors? In order to answer this question, we consulted some experts to bring their interpretations and personal brands to the table. Here’s what they had to say.


Let’s start with the simplest choice blue is, as Jones suggests, “light, airy, stays above the ground and contrasts against everything else.” The LYNX color position chart collated by Jones matches Jones’ interpretation and proves his point. It explains, “Blue is a refreshing, fun, visually enticing and exciting color. It fits comfortably [with the rest of the lines on the LYNX box] and gives shoppers an instant ‘wow factor.” Remember, though, that this is simply an opinion and that the color blue was chosen broadly for this purpose. For example, it could be well-suited with a bold red or light gray.


Next up are three others that fit within the light, airy, and fun categories: green (keeping in mind that “because of its association with nature” carries extra weight), blue (in the brick red highlighter example), and purple. Frankish Choosing a box color for an upcoming pop-up is relatively easy thanks to the fact that Frankish businesses sell uniquely designed products, but it’s probably a better idea to talk to a limited selection of local blues trusts in your area, especially if you’re offering services or goods for sale that are seasonal, high-demand, seasonal products, like craft items. Like in the gold-and-purple variety, colors like purple are a fairly common choice for jewelers, but if you’re considering a unique packaging color, always be on the lookout for descriptions that showcase the general theme of your business.

What is the key to choosing colors for your boxes and increasing sales?


Be mindful of how colors influence customers to buy products and services. Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows can evoke a sense of urgency or urgency and tend to trigger an impulse to buy. Cool colors like blues, purples, and greens, on the other hand, are calming and make people think more rationally. Here are some great ideas for perfect-fit colors on a UPS label. Use this visual below to package your e-book and encourage readers to grab your book. It’s a great way to encourage people to work on completing your read-aloud. Once someone has read an entire chapter, grab their attention with a call to action and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. Try to keep your color palette simple and keep the style unpredictable. Make sure it’s not too trendy or too hard to read. If you do choose a solid color, be sure that it matches the tone of your website. Finally, motivate your potential subscribers with bold, eye-catching packaging.

How can color affect brand recognition and advertising efforts?

Colors can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your advertising. For example, red is a color that drives action, so it works well for things like sale signs and ads. Blue is a calming color that makes people feel comfortable, so it’s great for security and trust. While you’re at it, the color brown is a powerful combination of media that works well with nearly any brand. Before you opt to use a boxes color, make sure there’s a reason for it (more on that next). It’s best to pick a non-markup, non-make-print version of the color. That way, you control the value and color palate. And make sure there’s a reason you’re choosing it: you’ll use it, so there’s value.



Colors have a huge impact on the success of any retail product. This guide will help you choose the right colors for your products using examples from popular box styles and colors. In addition, you can get any creative and attractive packaging from online printing company. Visit mentioned link to get awesome coloring ideas for your new packaging.

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