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7 suggestions to make your house a plant paradise


Bring the beauty of plants to every corner of the house and let your house gleam with the charm of beautiful plants everywhere. No doubt it’s a great idea to surround yourself with the charm of plants but if you are worried about looking for more space for your plant then you must not be worried about it.

Since plants are such wonderful creatures, they shall be placed around every corner of your house. If you are a plant lover and you want to surround yourself with lots of plants then you can buy plants online and place them in any corner of your house so that no part of your house remains untouched with the charm of lovely plants. We have curated certain ideas for you that will help you turn your house into a plant paradise. thereby making it a heaven on earth.

Plant baskets for ceiling

It would surely be a nice idea to see vines trailing in your house. So instead of finding some floor space in your house, you can hang a basket and place your favorite plants in it. so that the ceiling of your house too can be blessed with the beauty of plants. You may buy  money plants online and hang them in a basket so that the vines can spread everywhere.

Plant in bathroom

No, it is not at all awkward or weird to place certain plants in your bathroom because plant experts say that plants can be placed in bathrooms too. You can get plants that love humidity and you can decorate your bathroom with the plants, not just decoration; It will also help you get rid of the harmful chemicals in the bathroom and would also emit good fragrance.

Plants in living room

Well this one is surely a no-brainer because it is very normal for people to bring plants in their living room. You can get a tall spider plant, snake plant or cute little Jade plant and place them in your living room so that you can stay with them all throughout the day. Also, the guests who would come to your house would be delighted to see your plants collection.

Plants on bedroom

Wouldn’t it be exciting to wake up to the beauty, fragrance and allure of plants in your bedroom? imagine opening your eyes and getting to see the green plants around, well that is surely a great sight and a great start to your morning. so bring some plants in your bedroom too! You can get flowering plants that can help you sleep well and wake up feeling relaxed. You may place Jasmine or lavender in your room and experience peace and tranquility.

Plants on terrace

If you have already filled all the space inside your house, you need not to worry because there is still a lot of space left on your terrace. You can get all your desired plants through online plant delivery to Dehradun and place them at your terrace so that they can get a good amount of sunlight in an open area.

Plants in balcony

You must be thinking that every corner of your house has already been filled with the plants so where do you place the new plants that you just received? Well, there is still a lot of space left on your balcony. so get out on your balcony and  start placing your flower pots one by one. you can also use the grill or the fence of the balcony for adding more flower pots.

Plants in garden

If you are a plant lover, you definitely have a plant Garden around you. so this solves many of your problems because you need not worry about finding space for your plants. Also, even if you are short of pots, you can use the land itself and grow your desired plants. so you can grow flowers, Herbs, shrubs or even vines in your garden. You can also plant trees over there by blessing yourself with the beauty of nature.

So nurture your loving relationship with the plants by making them a part of your everyday life. You can place plants in your bedroom so that you can wake up to the goodness of plants. Besides that you can place your favourite plants at every corner of the house to spread their charm all around.

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