5 Major Signs You Need New Tire Replacement

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Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement

Did you know that one of the top causes of car accidents is related to tires? Tire-related issues cause about 11,000 accidents and 600 deaths a year.

Safety should be top of mind when it comes to car care and tire maintenance. Efficiency shouldn’t be that far behind, especially when you consider today’s gas prices.

How can you tell if it’s time for a tire replacement? Fortunately, you don’t have to be a car expert. Just read this article and learn the top five signs it’s time to purchase new tires.

1. Worn Tire Treads

Worn tire treads mean that it’s time for a tire replacement. The main function of tires is to provide enough friction to stick to the road while you travel at high speeds.

Worn tire treads limit the amount of friction between you and the road, so the car doesn’t handle as well. Throw in wet or slick road conditions, and you have safety issues.

Use a penny and stick it into the tire tread with the head down. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires.

If the tires wear down unevenly, it’s a sign that you have wheel alignment issues. Get these two things taken care of at the same time.

2. Low Tire Pressure

Do you have to fill up your tires with air every so often? You’re losing tire pressure and putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Cars have tire sensors, and if the tire pressure light comes on a lot, get your tires checked.

You may have a simple issue that gets fixed on the spot. You might also need new tires.

3. Strange Handling or Noises

If the car shakes or makes noises when you drive, there are a couple of things happening. One possibility is that the car is out of alignment.

That can get fixed without a full tire replacement.

The other possibility is that the tires need to get replaced because the belts inside the tires are loose.

4. Tire Cracks

Tire cracks happen often with age and in extreme weather. The rubber gets dry and worn down. That causes the tires to crack.

If you see that with your tires, it’s a sign to buy tires.

It’s a great chance to change the look of your car. You can go from old, broken tires to fresh new tires. Get a wheel and tire package from a place like OZZYTYRES.

5. Tire Age

If you don’t use your car a lot, you probably think that you don’t have to change them. While it’s a good idea to change your tires every 36,000 to 45,000 miles, you might not get that kind of mileage for years.

The rubber degrades with time, so you should change your tires every 10 years. Your car’s manufacturer might recommend changing the tires faster.

Time for a Tire Replacement

A tire replacement isn’t something you want to spend money on right now. What you have to remember is that the safety of yourself and your passengers is at risk by putting it off.

The tips in this article showed you how to tell if it’s time to buy new tires. Follow them and you’ll improve your car’s safety and efficiency.

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